Stylish Person: Elizabeth Dehn

Dynamo is one word that can be used to describe Beauty Bets founder Elizabeth Dehn. When she is not trying out new beauty products and trends, she is busy creating her own - "By Elizabeth Dehn." Her newly launched line of skin-perfecting and protecting products came as a result of her research, and are just as unique as her; the ingredients are 100% natural. As if that weren't enough, Elizabeth is pursuing an editorial career on the side, covering beauty, cuisine, and travel beats for various publications in the Twin Cities.The Style-Architects team was lucky enough to catch up with the {gorgeous} Renaissance woman. Read below for our exclusive interview with Elizabeth:

What are your 5 go-to products?In addition to my skincare line, I can’t live without Bobbi Brown gel liner, color corrector, and concealer. All three make me look like I slept 10 hours when I never do. My eyelash extensions from Amy at Jett Makeup don’t hurt either.

What’s the craziest beauty trend or product you’ve tried?Well I don’t think it’s crazy, but a lot of people squirmed when I got an acupuncture facial. Although it was painless and totally relaxing, something about needles stuck in someone’s face seems a little bit, um, crazy.

How do you like to spend your Saturdays?I like to take our white lab Molly for a run around the Lakes, followed by brunch at Lucia’s, but sometimes yard work gets in the way! The only benefit of that this time of year are my peonies. Obsessed.

What was your inspiration for starting your own line?That elusive combination of all-natural, effective, and completely luxurious that I coveted but couldn’t find. I knew a lot of my readers did too, so they inspired me.Favorite DIY beauty tip/suggestion? This one actually came from Christina {founder of Style-Architects}: raw apple cider vinegar for clear skin. It works, and I actually love the taste! Recipe here: adds pep to your step? Spending time with my family at the cabin, where we hike, read, cook, sauna, cocktail, and play cards. I’m old-school Minnesotan.

What is your favorite hangout in the Twin Cities?The Lounge at King and I Thai. You’ll find my husband and I there almost every Friday night, debriefing the the week, sipping dirty martinis and pigging out on Pad Thai. It’s our Cheers.