Food Truck Revolution

Let’s talk food trucks. These are currently all the rage, with quite a few gems here in the Twin Cities. The concept of the food truck dates back to the 1950s, when it was used as a canteen for U.S. Army bases. Nowadays, economic factors and the trendiness of "street food" have led to the revival of these mobile kitchens. Often parked on street corners in bustling neighborhoods, food trucks cater to a variety of cuisines, generating a great appeal to hungry passerbys. But these food trucks have also been used to cater events. Have you ever thought of incorporating a food truck into your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner?  This is a trend that is hitting the wedding world by storm. It adds a fun, unexpected touch and is yet another way for a couple to add another dash of personality into their wedding.  It is a creative alternative to your typical wedding fair and is particularly suitable for the more casual wedding .

Perhaps you are more of a traditional, sit-down dinner and wedding reception kind of person -- and that’s great.  An alternative way to incorporating this new trend is to utilize it as your late night snack for your guests.  After dancing the night away,  it is always fun to offer your guests some fun little snacks, from sliders to cookies to milk.  It would be a great surprise for your guests to have you and your fiancés favorite snack rolling up in a food truck to serve them a delicious selection!

Even if food truck catering isn't exactly what you had in mind for your big day, you shouldn't rule it out just yet. An alternative to would be to make use of the mobile kitchen at your rehearsal dinner or engagement party, which we know of as more casual affairs than the wedding itself.

Of course, food truck catering services are not limited to weddings. They are perfect for any function - from a backyard BBQ to a graduation party - and are guaranteed to generate buzz among guests. And for all those food truck fanatics, Canterbury Park is hosting a festival in a couple weeks!