Scotch Night: Entertaining with a Masculine Twist

Every few months my husband and 50-75 guys get together for 'Scotch Night.' It began 6 years ago when he and two of his close buddies decided that they were tired of the 2-for-1 Busch Light Draft special, and while there were plenty of places in the Twin Cities to get a Red Bull vodka, there were surprisingly few places to sip decent scotch. When I first heard about this gathering, it seemed very mysterious to me. Did they all wear ascots, smoke cigars and sit in overstuffed leather chairs while discussing politics all night?  Now I realize that what I had initially thought might be quite pretentious and boring was actually a cool idea!

Attendees are encouraged to bring a bottle of their favorite scotch, which is placed on a table for anyone to sample – and there is a WIDE variety of scotches for them to sample (there are just shy of 100 bottles at each event).  The guys mill around, discussing scotch, sports and (so I’m told) how much they love their wives.  They graze on snacks  and make new friends before their designated driver or cab comes to pick them up.  When they leave, they either take their bottle home or leave it to be transported to the next scotch night. It’s really a great night for them and the group of 'Scotch Night' attendees continues to grow as everyone is encouraged to extend the invitation (no knowledge of or refined palate for Scotch is required).

The last gathering was at Casa de Sandok so I added my hostess touch (before I was kicked out of the house). Here are a few of the photos:

And what sort of dessert was served? Chocolate Scotch Whisky Cake!

The flowers in the Scotch bottles weren't exactly screaming masculinity but hey, I thought it was a cute addition (and they were in my house)! Cheers.