Wedding Planning 101: What's Worth Splurging For?

When it comes to wedding planning, budget doesn’t have to stop you from having the wedding of your dreams. Knowing what is worth splurging on, and what you can skip, is essential to getting the most bang for your buck. First things first, you must set your budget early on in the planning process. If you missed our wedding planning 101 on developing your budget, you can check it out here. Once you’ve decided on a number, follow this guide for what’s worth splurging on for your big day!


Great music, whether that be a live band or DJ, sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration. Spending extra to lock down top notch entertainment will definitely be worth it when you see your guests dancing the night away.


Hiring a quality photographer to capture all of the emotions and moments of your wedding day is essential. You’ll want to remember every second of this day for the rest of your lives, so splurge of a high quality photographer that will produce beautiful photos.


Your guests will thank you for this one! Offering transportation is a courtesy your guests will definitely appreciate. Offering a ride from the hotel to the venue and rides home after the reception will give your guests one less thing to worry about. It’s also a great way to make sure your guests get home safely after having one too many at the open bar!


When it comes to decor, here’s what we recommend splurging on {in our preferred order}. First, upgrade {don’t just cover!!} the chairs. Nothing ruins a beautiful room like ugly, outdated chairs! Second, floor length linens. We hate to see the legs of tables so spend the extra on linens that touch the ground. Lighting is next because it sets the mood for your wedding and can completely transform a space. Having the right lighting can create a breathtaking ambiance and leave your guests in awe. Splurging on your floral arrangements is another sure way to stun guests. If your budget is too tight to afford fabulous florals, switch up your linens for a less expensive fabric, like polyester, {as long as they’re floor length} and use the money saved on florals.

Food and Drinks

Food is one of the most memorable elements for guests and is a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding. Choose foods you and your fiance love. If you’re dessert people, bring in a fun dessert display. If you love burgers and fries, serve late night snacks to fuel the dance party. Speaking of dance parties, offering a hosted bar is a sure way to keep the party going and guests will be thankful they don’t have to carry cash. If that’s not in your budget, hosting the cocktail hour and wine pours during dinner is a nice touch for your guests.

Hiring a Wedding Planner

We may be partial, but hiring a wedding planner to relieve your stress and help you navigate the wedding planning world is definitely worth it! Having a pro at your fingertips to answer questions, be a voice of reason, offer advice and take the work off your hands will make your wedding planning experience exciting rather than stressful. Contact us if you’re interesting in hearing about our services, we’d love to help you!