Wedding Planning 101: Bridal Shower Planning

Maids of honor, mothers of grooms and anyone else planning to throw a bridal shower, time to take notes {this post is for you!} To help you take the reigns in creating the perfect shower, we’ve compiled a handy set of tips!

1. First things first, talk to the bride to determine if the shower will be a daytime or evening party and if she has her heart set on a specific theme, color, style or location. Even though the planning is ultimately your responsibility, getting the bride’s input is essential to her loving the shower! 

2. Choosing a theme for the shower can help direct the decor, location and also the type of gifts guests purchase for the couple. Think outside of the box when choosing a theme! A theme can be anything from a color scheme to an activity. Some of our favorite unique theme ideas are a cooking class shower, a wine tasting shower, a spa shower or a tea party shower. The options are endless! 

3. Traditionally, showers are held in the host’s home, but there are endless options for location such as parks, restaurants, country clubs, and spas. If you’re opting for a location other than a home, be sure to make reservations ASAP!

4. Aim for the shower to be held a month or two before the wedding, unless special circumstances require differently. If you know the bride wants important family and friends there from out of town, coordinate with these guests to find a date that works for them. Sometimes this might mean postponing the shower until a few days before the wedding. 

5. When creating the guest list for the shower, remember that showers tend to be more intimate affairs. You must also confirm that everyone invited to the shower is invited to the wedding. Send out invites to your guests four weeks before the shower. {No electronic invites please!!}

6. Decide on what food and drinks will be served depending on your theme and time of day. If you are hosting a shower before noon, opt for brunch foods and beverages. For an evening shower, consider a sangria bar with additional add-in fruit options. Add a personal touch to the shower by serving the bride's favorite food or drink. Keep the food light and beautifully presented. {The presentation is as important as the taste!}  Select your menu so that you may prep as much food beforehand as possible to ease some stress the day of the shower.

Planning a bridal shower is no small feat, but we hope these tips help! You may also check out this checklist for the complete list of to-do items.  Cheers to the bride!