Monthly Musings: Black + White

Black, White, + Chic All Over
Black and White. This classic combo is universally loved in any connotation which makes it perfect for men, women, children, home decor, and printing alike. A stark contrast that's the basis for most fashion staples and, quite possibly, the reason “pops of color” were created. This spring, designers have breathed new life into black and white with bold, new graphic prints and our team could not be more thrilled.
Who could forget the stunning Oscar de le Renta gown as it wafted down the runway. The modern girl's gown, it's black lines come together in focused chevron. Events take on a certain swanky feel when draped in black and white. But, it need not always go formal. Black and white can also go from formal to edgy in a blink!

Whether it be graphic prints, checks, stripes, or contrast blocking, it seems as though these staple colors are a match made in heaven.

Images: Outfit; Cake; Handbag; Gown; InvitationsTablescape

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