Monthly Musings: Menswear Chic

Natty, jaunty and dapper. Words that aren’t used nearly enough, but just happen to be perfect for this month’s Monthly Musings. We ladies have been taking sartorial cues from guys for quite sometime, but the menswear trend is perfectly adaptable to other areas. In terms of fashion, there’s no need to veer into Victor/Victoria territory. Add just a few carefully edited pieces and it becomes cute, not costum-ey. Try pinstripe touches at your next event for a classic, slightly retro look. Don’t want to go overboard? Just swivel those napkins sideways and, boom, they give a nod to the bow tie. Herringbone, plaid, leather, and sharp lines. This trend is definitely made for a man, but strong enough for a woman. Check out our Pinterest Board for more dapper inspiration!

TrendsKayd RoyComment