Monthly Musings: Minimalism

Maybe it’s to distract ourselves from the arctic chill that is the current weather, but we all love an excuse to show off our blinged-out best in the winter. That’s great for some, but what is one to do if they want to exercise aless is more’ approach? Try surrounding yourself with the ease and calm of Minimalism. Looking for some new home design ideas? Why not take minimalism to your home by incorporating minimum furniture and details. All it takes is some simple shapes, textures, and clean lines. We love the simplicity of this calming bedside table and entry table. But for you lovers of color, Minimalism doesn’t only call for neutrals. Adding in a bold paint color can give you this look without being too literal.

This modern and clean trend also translates great into your event or wedding. Stay simple and woo your guests with these clean invites, or warm up your space with some bold uplighting juxtaposed with some contemporary clear glass and sparse florals.

For all you fashionistas, Minimalism isn’t just limited to interiors. This season, practice the Coco Chanel “less is more” mentality and play around with some chic, simple looks like this black shift dress + booties pairing. Want to add some texture? Why not throw in some clean lines to your classic black and white duo!

But nobody practices this trend better than one of our favorite {and local} beauty gurus, Elizabeth Dehn. Her product line for One Love Organics not only leaves our skin glowing but we are in love with its beautiful + simple branding.


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