It’s the Men’s Turn: Accessorize with Style

Brides should always steal the show, but what about the groom? They matter too! Make your man stand out with eye-catching accessories; ties, cufflinks, boutonnieres, and shoes can make a bold, impressive statement. Don’t be afraid to mismatch patterns + colors between pocket square, button-down shirt and tie. Patterns are very popular.  Consider polka dots, stripes, and plaid in velvet or wool over a boring solid look. With ties and suspenders, the narrower, the better. Go for a pop of color in shoes! Mix in some vintage touches with a gold pocket watch or antique cufflinks.  And who can forget about the traditional boutonniere {yet not so traditional} when you incorporate succulents, greenery, and lavender? Winning style!


Incorporate some of these ideas and now grooms, you too will look equally as stunning as your beautiful bride. {Just kidding!} The bride always takes the cake, but now you’ll look even better standing next to her. Happy styling!

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