Say "I do" to Brunch Weddings

Picture this, you and your fiancé are venue shopping and as you walk in the door to the last venue you decide that this stunning place was made for you.  However, it’s a popular venue and every Friday and Saturday evening is booked past your wedding date. Don’t panic! Consider a morning wedding!  Many people look straight past a brunch wedding, but we love them! From strawberry balsamic jam wedding favors and mini waffle sliders to a Mimosa bar, brunch weddings are an exciting option for any bride.

Still have doubts?  Well, if you're wondering if anyone is going to drink and dance at a morning wedding, we have great news! Just about everyone is going to be more than willing to grab a mimosa and bust a move if you are too!  Wondering what you are going to do the rest of the day?  With a morning wedding you can truly enjoy your day together, as newlyweds, talking about the wedding, spending time at the hotel room you splurged on, and getting a kickstart to your honeymoon!  Another advantage is the unparalleled morning light that will provide the most gorgeous images so you can relive this celebration over and over again! 

We are not saying morning weddings and better than evening weddings, because those are wonderful too.  But brunch weddings are often overlooked by couples, and they are a trendy and unforgettable way to celebrate your special day!

See our {Brunch Wedding} Pinterest Board for more inspiration!

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