Weddings 101: Signage

Looking to add the perfect, finishing touches to your big day to contribute to the "wow" factor? If you ask us, it's all about signage! Don’t be lazy with your day-of paper products! They not only brand your event to be unique to you as a couple, but they also make the room beautiful, no matter where you look. Here are a couple of signage tips sure to impress your guests! 1. Welcome your guests the right way! Create welcome bag inserts that show guests all the locales they may need or want to know about over the wedding weekend such as timing, transportation information, and after-party details. If you have a lot of out of town guests, it might be fun pointing out what bars, restaurants and shops worth visiting during their down time!

2. It's a digital world! Social media is a powerful tool these days, for better or for worse. We suggest utilizing programs and signage near the guest book to indicate your social media preferences {Check out our tips to control social media here:}! Creating a hashtag specific to your wedding is a great way to share and view all of your wedding-day candids {flattering photos only}!

3. Not-so-plain-ole programs! Shy away from the traditional, stuffy program design and play around with different layouts and designs to create visual interest for your guests!

4. Keep the energy up! Ultimately your wedding is {your} special day, but you want to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves as well! Eliminate the awkward time between the ceremony and reception by giving your guests something to do. Brainstorm with your fiancé and come up with a few of your favorite spots in the area, then print them on the back of your program. Need ideas? Why not send your guests to the spot where you shared your first kiss, or maybe even where he proposed. This is a great way to show off your digs to out-of-town guests.

5. Brand it! Keep your guests informed on what’s happening by utilizing signage throughout your day, incorporating your wedding colors. Frame drink menus and place them on the bar, especially if you have specialty “his & hers” cocktails. If you decide to forego chargers, work with your invitation provider and come up with beautiful menu’s to dress up each of the place settings. To keep it consistent, carry over that design to the escort cards. To help out your servers, let them know what each guest will be eating by placing cute letterpressed icons in the corner of each escort card: cow for beef, carrot for veggie, you get the picture. If you’d rather not be reminded of what animal you’re about to eat, take a more subtle route by using variations of the same paper, for example all over lace, lace on just the top, and lace on just the bottom. Table numbers may seem like a minor detail, but don’t make them an afterthought.  Keep in mind every guest will be looking at them while they attempt to find their seat.

6. Favors are a great way to incorporate cute signage.  Include a personalized message with your favors to make them more personal.

That's a wrap! Reach out to your invite provider or contact us if you need help with your day-of paper.  Our in-house design team is happy to help make your signage dreams come true!