Our Top Five 2020 Wedding Trend Predictions

It may be 2019 but 2020 wedding planning is in full force! So, when planning your 2020 wedding, look beyond what is currently being done and see what is starting to emerge within the industry. We see shifts and we are all about sharing!

1. Goodbye Greenery!

As gorgeous as greenery looks, this trend has seen its better day. Brides are utilizing grasses and other non-traditional elements in place of greenery for more natural looks and moving back to fuller floral (with greenery as an accent not the focus) for more formal looks. With the greenery trend came more organic shaping and this is definitely sticking around. Dropping the greenery allows couples to incorporate a wide variety of stunning flowers and colors into their wedding decor, giving it a more vibrant and lively look.

2. Bands over DJ’s

DJ’s have been used heavily at wedding receptions for decades now, but bands have taken over the wedding entertainment scene. For 2019 and 2020, well over 3/4 of our couples are hiring bands over DJs. Bands create great energy in a room and provide visual entertainment for those stubborn guests who simply won’t dance - regardless of how the music is produced.

3. Bye Bye Blush - Hello Color!

The blush trend is over and close behind is marsala. Blush is still being used as a neutral to bridge deeper and lighter hues, but it in no longer the primary color in weddings. Bold and bright palettes for summer and rich and moody palettes for winter are on the horizon. We are beyond excited to see couples choose bolder and richer colors for their wedding. Not only do these colors add a sense of uniqueness, but they also add drama and depth to the overall look.

4. Clean and Simple Wedding Gowns

Supposedly Inspired by Meghan Markle’s elegant choice for her wedding gown, more and more brides are shying away from lace and heavily-detailed wedding gowns and are sticking to clean and simple looks. This trend certainly allows the bride more freedom to accessorize in a variety of ways or to go with more dramatic makeup.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 12.01.25 PM.png

5. Creative Cakes

Couples are retreating back to the {not so} traditional wedding cake. Whether it is creatively displaying the cake or getting creative with the cake itself, couples are getting inspired in the design and presentation of their cakes, making them works of art to display at their receptions.