Ivory vs White

The debate is on! You’ve probably heard it all, “that wedding dress is white, ivory, cream, egg-shell, etc. They all look just about the same, it doesn’t matter…” WRONG! If we’re being honest, the shade absolutely matters! Though the difference isn’t extremely noticeable, your dress plays a major part in the vibe and style of your wedding.

So what is the difference between ivory and white? Ivory dresses have a slight tint of yellow or cream, and white dresses are bright and colorless. If you’re going for a crisp, clean, modern look, you should be keeping an eye out for a white wedding dress. If you’re leaning toward a soft, romantic vibe, go searching for an ivory wedding dress. If you just can’t decide, we love ivory dresses with bright white details or vice versa, a white dress with delicate ivory details!

Of course, all that aside, you have to go with what looks best against your skin and frankly stark white dresses are hard for some women to pull off. You would think that white works well with warmer skin tones, but it can actually make the skin look ashy. White generally looks better on women with cooler or rosy skin tones.

Be sure to not only fall in love with the style of your gown, but make sure the color fits your vibe and plays nicely with your skin tone!

I V O R Y | W H I T E