Wedding Planning 101: Branding

Whether you are newly engaged over the holidays {best wishes to you!} or thinking about how to make your wedding unique, it’s time to talk about branding!  At Style-Architects we say, “don’t theme it, brand it!” After all, your wedding should reflect your style and personality as a couple! But how do you accomplish this? Don’t fret. Luckily you for, branding is our forte! First, we recommend consulting our {vision development} post to help gather your thoughts and picture the details.  We ask various questions to our couples to identify their personal style, the desired mood, adjectives to describe the look of their dream wedding, their imagined décor elements, and how the wedding should reflect them as a couple.  Once we have an idea of your vision we begin the branding process.

There are various design and styling elements to consider when branding your wedding.  We advise couples to create a Pinterest board with your ideas and inspirations for your special day.  We love to see when couples incorporate lots of personal touches to their celebration!

  • Start collecting ideas for colors, patterns and fonts for print materials.
  • Also start thinking about furniture, china, linens, floral arrangements, cake, lighting and even the menu.  It all needs to work together.
  • Even the fashion needs to fit the overall branding.  Check out our post on {Wedding Planning 101: Fashion} where our events and styling team share how to choose attire that fits the overall style of the wedding

The big “don’t” here is creating a logo which you slap all over your wedding.  If one element is utilized on every décor element, the overall uniqueness and impact diminishes.  Instead, take bits and pieces of a design element and incorporate in key areas of the design.

Whatever the direction of your overall vision, be sure your branding and overall look is cohesive.  We all love the look of multiple styles, but that doesn’t mean you pull them all together in one wedding!  Enlist a friend (or a seasoned professional like Style-Architects} to curate your overall look.

Our team has a package designed specifically for this step in the planning process.  We provide you with the visual assistance you need to achieve your desired look and feel.  Visit our Design + Branding package to learn more!

{Photography by Canary Grey Photography}

 {Photography by Pixel Posey Photography}

{Photography by Studio 306 Photography}