Lose the Guest Book!

Oh yes we know {and completely agree}, you need a "guest book" to document all your family + friends who came to celebrate your special day!

But let's be honest, what are you actually going to with a book filled with names? You guessed it... read it, pack it away, swear you'll adore it forever, but forget it exists after a couple of months. So, we have a few solutions!

In lieu of a guest book, have family and friends leave you a note, advice, {or even better} an idea for an adventure on something that you can enjoy! Combine your style with their messages to create something you could use as home decor. Showcase your guests' notes on a bench for your backyard, a globe to keep in your office or a reclaimed wooden piece to display in your living room! As long as you can write on it, it works!

If you prefer to skip the home decor, we still love the idea of having a book but spice it up with your wedding images or Polaroid images of your guests to go along with their notes! Another alternative to a guest book is having family and friends leave messages on a video, which you can piece together later to make one special file! These options allow you to truly cherish the love you receive on your special day.

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