The Couple That Grows Together, Stays Together

We teamed up with Chris Plantan, the creative mastermind behind one of our favorite brands, Russell + Hazel, to come up with bridal shower and gift-giving ideas. We agreed that building your bridal shower event around the beauty of growing and tending to plants is so fitting. It is best for a new couple to start a small garden, whether in a backyard, co-op garden community or on an outdoor patio. This is a time-honored labor of love that brings us all closer together. Caring for living things is a lovely way to nurture a relationship. To add to the garden party theme, we suggest a group gift with individual touches. Put together select pieces that make the gift fun, but be sure to include those that are practical. A few ideas...

  • Start with something that is fanciful {the anchor piece} and then add some of the basics around it. One suggestion: The Russell + Hazel Herbarium Set
  • Ask each guest to bring either a bag of bulbs or some seed packets of their favorite flowers or vegetables for that personal touch.
  • Add some necessary garden tools like twine, trowels, watering cans, etc.
  • Include a graph paper notebook for planning and keeping seed packets.
  • Include a cookbook that is based on vegetables and herbs that can be grown in a small garden.
  • Consider packaging everything in a woven basket.

Featured Garden Gifts Ideas: Williams Sonoma: Garden Allotment Kit; Garden MarkersHaws Traditional Watering Can, Russell + Hazel: Herbarium Set; Sophie Conran Assorted Tools, Jeanne Beatrice: La Mer Market Basket

Photography by Canary Grey Photography