Wedding Planning 101: Videography

Video: Snowshoe Productions

Often overlooked in the initial planning process, few couples understand how well videography can capture your day as it naturally unfolds.  Videography is an excellent way to hear the laughs, see the joy, and recall the remarks of your besties!  What better way to celebrate your anniversary with your honey than curling up to a glass of vino and taking a trip down memory lane?  But, with fees that vary widely, how do you start your search?  Let us share with you our videography pearls of wisdom. From equipment techniques to package costs, we cover all the basics!

First off, don’t be afraid to ask for demos from various videographers.  Look at both their short and longer edits.  Does the music fit the theme of the video? Do you like what they’ve included and do the transitions flow nicely?  Do you feel the emotion you want to feel watching your video?  Is movement smooth or choppy?  Are clips long or short?  All videographers take different approaches to creating wedding videos, so watch demos to help you and your fiance decide which style you prefer.

So much of the shots are dependent on the equipment, so even though you may not know much about videography equipment, you need to ask!  Is their work more stationary or do they use gliders, sliders and jibs to get a desired movie effect?  Do their cameras capture movement in slow-motion?  Who is mic’d and what sort of back-up microphone equipment do they use? If the technical details sound like a foreign language to you, don’t be afraid to ask your SA wedding planner for help. Although these details seem miniscule, they can greatly affect the quality of your video.

Also, be sure to ask about the finished product. Does the package only provide a highlight reel or are there extras?  How long is the highlight reel?  These can vary from 2 – 15 minutes, so be sure you know what you’re getting.  Do they provide raw or extended coverage reels?  The idea of raw footage sounds great, until you’re faced with 10 hours of video to filter through! If extended coverage is included, ask if and how the footage is broken up into chapters.  Is it important to you to view your ceremony in full, start to end?  Clearly communicate your expectations for the desired service package and understand the cost up front.  Don’t make videography a budget-buster!

Last and certainly not least, choose someone you will be comfortable spending the day with and whom can work with your photographer.  Ideally, the videographer and photographer collaborate and complement each other’s vision to ensure that they both capture all elements over the course of the day.  Photographers and videographers can “bump” into each other throughout the day if both are not open to the other being there so make sure your videographer is willing to work with and not against your photographer.

Still on the fence about which videography company to select? Have no fear, our weddings team works with a number of videographers at different price points and can direct you to one that best fits your vision and budget.