Wedding Planning 101: Entertainment

Photography: Photogen, Inc. 

Photography: Photogen, Inc. 

Here at SA, we’re always thinking of ways to make our couple’s big day as fun, entertaining and engaging as possible for guests. After all, your family and friends are there to celebrate with you, so why not make it memorable!?

1. Consider your Venue. First and foremost, we encourage couples to take advantage of all that their venue has to offer. If your venue has unique spaces, galleries or even VIP rooms, consider utilizing these spaces for fun guest experiences.

2. Mix-up the day. Let's face it - your guests have probably been to a million other weddings around the same time as yours {that's why they call it wedding season!} so why not create a new and different experience for them? Consider shying away from the traditional wedding flow and try cocktail hour before ceremony, especially on a Friday.  It alleviates guest from traipsing in mid-ceremony! Ever heard of an East Coast style of service? With this, guests are invited to stretch their legs and dance in-between courses {great for creating high energy in the room}!

3. Music and Live Performances. Everyone loves live entertainment. Try out a band or a set of dueling pianos to jam out to your favorite songs. Are you set on a DJ? Consider mixing your DJ with live music accompaniment! There are several groups in the area which offer this fun and engaging alternative.  Looking to go the extra mile and add more to the ambiance? You can never go wrong with entertainers such as dancers or live performers!

4. Activity Stations. In addition to everybody's go-to, the photo booth, there are so many other interactive ways to include your guests. Here are a couple of our favorites:

  • Eventsagram - a live, photo-streaming program that allows for the projection of your Instagram hashtag images on monitors at your venue!  

  • Graffiti Wall - a new take on the old photo booth

  • A "guys" corner - comfy leather lounge seating with a whiskey/bourbon or cigar rolling station

  • Ice Cream or Latte bar {for those with a sweet tooth!}

  • Food stations, food trucks, or hot dog stands

  • Fun after-dinner liquor tastings

  • Mixologist - hire someone special to serve specialty craft cocktails

There you have it, just a few of our guest entertainment pearls of wisdom! Looking for some extra help with the flow of your day? Remember, our dream team of planners has your back. Click here for a list of our wedding planning services - we are happy to customize a package that is just right for you!