Wedding Planning 101: Budget

Our weekly Wedding Planning 101 series continues and this week we are sharing our pearls of wisdom regarding the not-so-fun wedding budget. If you missed the first installment of Wedding Planning 101, finding your wedding vision, you can check it out here. Step number two of wedding planning isn’t as exciting as vision development, but we guarantee your bank account will thank you for this. Often times, planning the budget is where couples have their first freak-out. You’ve never thrown a massive party for all your friends and family, so how should you know how much that costs or how to allocate your money?! Although there are no hard and fast rules to creating a budget, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to ease the stress.

The {sad} reality is that all weddings, whether simple or extravagant, have a budget. Most couples long for a gorgeous wedding with top-notch finishes. Unfortunately, the bank account doesn’t always agree!  The trick is to prioritize and plan so that you are sure to get exactly what you want and not break the bank! One of the biggest roles we play as wedding planners is helping couples prioritize their wants and identify how to get the look they desire within the confines of their budget.  What can you {and your fiance} absolutely not live without? Is it that statement designer gown? What about those wow-factor florals? Or maybe you want your guests to have a real “foodie” experience? No matter what, identifying the top priorities is a MUST to help ensure you get exactly what you want on your wedding day!

It’s hard not to get too excited and want to amp up every little detail of your big day, but we encourage you to sit down and allocate money early on in the planning process to each and every wedding expense BEFORE signing on any dotted lines. Yes, that means calling and checking vendor prices in every category.  Be specific about what you want.  Sure you can get florals for $2,000, but will that give you the look you are trying to achieve?  Don’t be caught by surprise!  Ask for a mock Banquet Event Order from your potential venue/caterer to ensure you account for all possible charges.  Undergoing this tedious {but necessary} task will help you determine whether your desired price points are realistic and will safeguard your planning from {bad} surprises!

If the final budget is coming in too high, get creative! Shop for your dress at a sample sale, opt for a non-traditional venue, or cut your guest list down.  It’s the fastest way to cut your budget and besides, not every friend needs a date!

If this seems like too much work, then sit back, relax and let a planner {like us} help create your budget.  We‘re happy to help and have created countless budgets at many different price points.

Next week we’re talking venue so be sure to check back!  Happy planning!