Gathering Wedding Photos From Your Guests

Making sure you capture every precious moment of your special day is a must. While you're eagerly waiting for your professional photos, you are sure to want to gather shots from your family + friends! We agree that using a unique hashtag on Instagram can be fun and easy, but let's be honest, it can be difficult to save those posts without losing quality, and what about your Instagram-less guests?!

Below are some easy ways to compile those photos!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.22.35 PM.png

WedPics is a FREE option {with premium features available for a price} that allows you to gather those lovely photos from an unlimited number of guests with unlimited storage! Guests can upload photos from their phones OR on the website if they use a digital camera.

Burner is an app that creates a temporary phone number and has a Dropbox Burner Connection that stores all your guests' photos! As a new user, you can use the app free for 30 days and costs $4.99 a month thereafter. Simply have guests send photos to your Burner number and you can enjoy them in a private folder with the option to share it.

Eversnap {a more expensive option} is a full-service app costing between $99 and $399. This app works with or without screening services and even includes 200 instruction cards for your guests! Plus, the folder will pull and add all of the photos from social-media channels with your personalized hashtag.


In order to successfully use these applications, be sure to share instructions on your website, program, table numbers, menu and other signage! Once you have all those beautiful photos, be sure to back them up, share them on social media, choose your favorites for around the house and use them to personalize your Thank You cards!


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