Inviting {or not inviting} Kids

Deciding who gets invited to your wedding is arguably one of the most difficult steps in the wedding planning process, especially when it comes to kids.  When you consider that the average cost of a wedding is approximately $180 per guest {and often goes much higher} you want to make sure everyone on your list is a must-have at your wedding.   So, how do you get the message across?  Whether you decide to invite kids or not, make sure your message is consistent on your invitations and website.  Below are a few tips you need to be polite and keep peace with your guests.


Not even a question to invite kids?  Great!  The rule of thumb is to always list the names of every guest invited on the invitation.  By listing all guests’ names {instead of just “and family”}, there’s no room for confusion.  For infant boys through age 16, the proper title is Master.  For boys 16 and up, the proper title is Mr.  The proper title for girls is Miss.  Children's names should be listed on the second line without a last name:  Master John and Miss Abigail.

If you wish to exclude children, address only the adult names on the envelope.  If you're afraid your guests won’t catch the hint, add explicit wording to the website.  Guests should understand wording such as, "Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children.  Thank you for your understanding."  Though it is a faux-pas to reference "no children" on your invitation, we have had a few couples imply such on the response card. 
__2__ Number of seats reserved for you
____ Number of guests attending
What do you do when children appear on the completed RSVP card anyways?  We recommend holding firm and politely disclosing that children are not invited.  Making exceptions to this will create more hurt feelings with those who complied than with those who did not, so be firm with your request.

In the end, this is your event and your guests should respect you and your wishes.  If guests make an issue, then they are the ones that should feel uncomfortable, not you!

Melanie LanouxComment