Abstract Hanging Installations

No wedding design is complete without a focal point, and our favorite focal points are hanging installations because they easily capture everyone's eye and bring the ceiling down.  While we must admit that many hanging installations that are laden with florals and greenery are beyond breathtaking, we have also been thinking it's about time for some fresh installation inspiration {plus, florals and greenery can be pretty expensive}.  There are so many fabrics, textures, mediums and shapes that are eye-catching, so get creative and hang them where everyone can see!   Be sure that the scale fits the space and that the looks speaks to you as a couple.  Below you'll see that we've found a variety of objects to suspend from the ceiling, including wheels, lights, tassels, acrylics and even geodes!  Hang these gorgeous items above your head table, your cocktail and lounge space, or have them frame your ceremony {then repurpose as a sweetheart table backdrop.}  For more inspiration check out our {h a n g i n g i n s t a l l a t i o n} Pinterest Board!