Wedding Planning 101: Vision Development

Before beginning the planning process, brides and grooms notoriously underestimate the amount of detail that goes into planning their anxiously awaited day. Your vision, budget, venue, catering, and decor {just to name a few} must be meticulously planned and every detail must be attended to. Since we've mastered the art of wedding planning {and you’ve likely never done this before}, we’ll share some of that experience with you.  

Let’s start with the first, and most crucial, part of the process: Vision Development. Defining your wedding day vision should be at the top of every newly engaged couple’s list. After all, this sets the stage for the rest of the planning process. With all the beautiful ideas out there, it’s easy for your mind to go in all sorts of stylistically different directions. What bride doesn’t go crazy on Pinterest and Instagram? {We certainly do!} However, it’s important that all the elements are cohesive. We can’t preach this enough!  Just because you love Audrey Hepburn and curly willow doesn’t mean you should put them together.  {Yes that actually came up in a meeting once!} When we meet with couples to begin the planning process, we begin by asking questions such as: What do you want your wedding to reflect about you as a couple?  What is the overall mood you want to create? What are three adjectives you would use to describe your dream wedding?  How would you describe your personal style? Do you see bright bold colors or muted soft neutrals?  Then, make sure every element fits within the bounds of these responses.

Asking enough questions enables us to translate this information into specifics around your venue, fashion, food, décor, and entertainment. We convey the visual concepts to couples through inspiration boards. This makes it easier to pin-point the elements that are important to you and what the overall look should be.

In our opinion, nothing's worse than attending a cookie-cutter wedding. Being sure to create a special day fitting your personality is one of the most important parts of our job. Of course, staying within the budget is an important aspect of our job too, but at this point it’s important to just let your wedding planning dreams run wild and not worry about the dreaded budget until later! ;)

Check out our weddings above and below that prove how distinct visions translates into totally different looks.