Venue Feature: Aria

Say hello to Aria, our fellow North Loop neighbor and one of our favorite venues in town! Formally know as the theatre de Jeune Lune, First & First Creative Real Estate kept creativity and artistic expression top of mind while transforming the space from a theatre to a one-of-a-kind event space. Aria’s exposed brick and {beautifully} tarnished walls combined with the unique art and twinkling chandeliers makes for the perfect juxtaposition between historical roots and elegance. The VIP Lounges, complete with funky soft seating, overlook the main event space and provide a great setting for guests to sit back, relax, and watch the action below.  The options for creating different looks are endless with the additional decor options available for rent such as additional vintage furniture pieces, draping, café lights and uplighting.  And Aria is the only venue in town that allows you to paint the floor! Our team of wedding planners has had many opportunities to plan and execute awe-inspiring events at Aria {with many more to come}, while our team of public relations strategists and branding experts at our sister company, Brand-Architects, has worked closely with Aria on various projects such as Christie’sAndy Warhol art exhibit and David Byrne’s “Playing the Building.” If you have an event coming up, we encourage you to check out this amazing space.  But hurry… it books up fast!

Why is Aria such a great addition to the warehouse district in Minneapolis? What do you like about being in this particular location? The Warehouse District is an iconic part of the Twin Cities landscape, and the North Loop is well on its way to becoming the hottest neighborhood in the city. With our parent company First & First Creative Real Estate behind us, our foundation (reflected both the in building itself and our company culture) is one that puts creativity at the top of the list. Aria was revitalized to be a place that inspires people, clients and guests alike.

photo credit: Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

Can you tell us the history of the building as Theatre de la Jeune Lune? While our history stretches all of the way back to 1895, the most noted time frame for the building was during the Theatre de la Jeune Lune from 1992 to 2008.  The Theatre had a rich and innovative catalog of productions, and was mourned by the artistic community at large when they closed their doors.  We are happy to be able to use the space for some public events, as well as our private functions, so that the space is still accessible to the community at large.

photo credit: Vick Photography

What types of events are hosted at Aria? The events we host here run a wide gamut.  We have gone from shooting a television commercial, to a grand fundraiser gala, to a wedding all in one week.  We have also had the opportunity to do some in house programming, such as the David Byrne “Playing the Building”, and work with great artistic partners, such as the Christies Auction House “Warhol in Minneapolis” event.   Every week brings something new and exciting to the table.

Can you explain the whimsical artwork and other featured pieces throughout the space? Creativity and artistic expression are a part of our daily lives here.   The artwork throughout the space is ever evolving, but continually strengthens our culture of creativity, innovation, adventure, and a sense of humor.

photo credit: Studio Laguna Photography

What type or style of client is attracted to Aria? We find that we tend to attract people with vision (or they hire planners that do!) and a lot of style. The space, although it has those artistic and eclectic elements, is one that people use as an empty shell to construct their unique events. Because the space does have a whimsical aura, we see many weddings. It is a perfect location for a bride to create the day she's been dreaming of. There is so much you can do with the space to make it your own; that is one of the many reasons we all love it so much.

photo credit: Jeff Loves Jessica Photography

What makes Aria such a unique venue space? There is truly nothing like Aria in the Twin Cities.  Thanks to our history as a theater, there are many elements that make it easily transformed.  The catwalks are a unique feature to the space and allow people to use the space vertically in a way that you often aren’t able.  As a team we also strive to provide a unique experience. The team at Aria understands the people that are attracted to this space are those with vision, and we work everyday to make their vision come to life.  Sometimes their vision stretches the limits of what we think is possible, but we welcome the challenge and opportunity to grow as an organization.

photo credit: Maia Baldauf Photography

What is the most unique event held at Aria since you opened? It would be hard to pick just one, every day feels like an adventure here!  Some of our highlights would definitely be “Playing the Building”, and a commercial shoot for Affinity Bank.  “Playing the Building” was an amazing use of the space and great way to bring in the community.  It was hard for some of us to even conceptualize until it was actually installed, and really like nothing else. The commercial shoot for Affinity Bank was just fun to see progress.  They basically built and then tore down an entire circus within 48 hours, complete with clowns and a cannon!   We are lucky to have a space that can be so transformed; it truly feels as though each and every event is unique and special.