Vendor Feature: Rock With U

Entertainment brings life + excitement to weddings, so when we come across something new and different, we get excited and want to tell our fun-loving brides all about it!

We had the pleasure of discovering Rock With U at Muse Event Center and were instantly hooked by their visual appeal, energy, and uniqueness. The best part? Their group called Fusion. They combine a DJ with a live band, so you truly can have your {wedding} cake and eat it too. We connected with Nick Dwyer, the owner and managing partner, to share with us more about Rock With U. Keep reading to see why we want them at our weddings {and you will too}!

Who is Rock With U?

Rock With U is an entertainment company specializing in events ranging from Weddings, to corporate events, to concerts, and beyond.  We offer a number of different services, depending on client need and event type. We offer DJ only, along with Fusion, which is our DJ/Band Hybrid, which can range from 3-piece up to 12-piece.  We also offer live strings used for ceremonies as well as acoustic artists for cocktail hours and chill social gatherings.

I know you started in Miami, but how did you end up in Minneapolis?

Rock With U began in Miami almost 9 years ago, and started working events in the Minneapolis area around 2 1/2 years ago, but officially expanded and became Rock With U- Minneapolis in October of 2014.  I was born and raised in Minnesota, and Ross, who is the founder of Rock With U, is my cousin, hence the connection to the Minneapolis market.

What makes you special and different from the rest?

Rock With U's focus, whether performing DJ only or 12-piece Fusion, is always centered around continuous energy and flow, achieved through music, MC, and format of the event.  From the moment the room opens, you feel the energy and it is maintained throughout.  We don't allow dead moments, and ensure seamless transitions and flow during every portion of the night.  Our DJs are extremely skilled mixers and hosts, and everything we play, whether its DJ only or Fusion, is free flowing, meaning we read and react to the crowd in front of us to ensure a packed dance floor from start to finish.

What do you love most about performing?

The best part of performing is the connection with the audience/guests.  When you see guests having a blast on the dance floor, it provides a connection between them and the DJ/band that is truly hard to explain.  It's also amazing to just rock out with the band.  Fusion is about energy and fun, not only for the guests, but for the band, and that energy is contagious.

What's the benefit of Fusion over a standard DJ or band?

Fusion is perfect for that couple that wants the best of both worlds, the complete versatility of a DJ, but the live presence, energy, and pop of a band.  Fusion provides both, as literally any song a DJ can play, Fusion can play.  And again, we never go into an event with a set list, everything is free flowing, and thanks to our amazing musicians, we are able to flow constantly to feed what the audience is feeling that night.

What helpful tips do you have for couples when planning their entertainment for their special day?

I would tell any couple looking to book their entertainment to make sure they meet with whoever is going to be performing at their wedding.  Entertainment is so important to the success of the party, and is also very customized to fit exactly what the couple is looking for and what their style/taste is.  The way to make sure that happens is to get to know your entertainment.  It is extremely beneficial to the couple, but also to the entertainment as it gives them intimate knowledge of what experience the couple wants. 

Still wondering what this could look like at your wedding?  Check out for more information and to watch more fun videos!