Vendor Feature: Phos

Meet Adam Welz from Phos, the man who can turn your wedding reception or event space from standard to simply stunning! Uplights, pin spots, gobos and moving lights… are they a foreign language to you? Not for this lighting guru. Adam is the perfect go-to for enhancing your wedding space.  Adam is a rock star to work with and was sweet enough to provide our readers with exclusive advice on how to add that “WOW” factor to any event. Enjoy! 1.) What are the different types of lighting?

Uplighting:Lights are positioned around the room, dance floor, or even outside to help add warmth and that WOW factor that guests will envy. This type of lighting adds an accent to the room and creates depth and drama with light. This is the most affordable and impactful way to enhance any wedding space.

Centerpiece and Pin Spot Lighting:Pin spot lighting is a beautiful way to accent table centerpieces, wedding cake, sweets table, escort card table, pictures, and head table. These fixtures are called pin spots because they have a very tight beam angle. They light up a certain area with direct light that does not bleed off in every direction.

Custom Gobos:Custom gobos, also know as monograms, are created by cutting a piece of metal into text, names, initials, logos, or artwork. Light is projected through the gobo onto a wall, dance floor, ceiling, or draping.

Moving Lights: Moving lights are intelligent lighting fixtures that have automated or mechanical abilities. They are able to project multiple gobos and colors from one light. They also have the ability to move and create a moving texture on the ceiling or wall.

2.) What advice do you have for brides interested in lighting?

Lighting creates that WOW factor that guests will talk about for years to come. It is an important feature that transforms rooms from standard to stunning and incorporates color theme into the space. Phos recommends starting with perimeter uplighting and then, if your budget allows, adding pin spots, gobos, and moving lights. Phos’ package of 12 lights is priced as low as a couple hundred dollars.

3.) What colors trends are most commonly used at receptions?

In the last year, Phos provided lighting for over 100 weddings and the most popular color was varying shades of purple. For the upcoming wedding season, we still see purple as well as shades of green and blue. If possible, I think it looks best to use two colors because it adds depth and drama to the space.

4.) When choosing a lighting provider, what factors should a bride consider?

First and foremost, look at the quality and brightness of the lights that are being offered. The vendor with the cheapest quote is not necessary the best option. Ask for photos of their lighting at events and for a detailed list of the equipment being used. Be sure the package price includes applicable taxes, delivery, set up, tear down and travel.

5.) What sets Phos apart from other lighting providers?

Phos is a lighting and event decor company that builds custom lighting packages that fulfill our clients’ lighting desires within their budgets. We work with vendors to ensure the décor flows perfectly. Our lighting designers have an extensive knowledge of venues and years of experience. We provide wireless and battery powered lighting options. We are the first company in Minnesota to offer a brand new wireless pin spotting system that can place pin spots anywhere in the venue without cords and stands. Our goal is to make the lighting experience fun and convenient. We are more than happy to meet clients at their event venue to show our products and options that would best fit the space.

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