Vendor Feature: Level 11

We’re excited to introduce to you one of the best DJ’s in all the land, David Baer. David is owner of Level 11 events, a special event and wedding entertainment company offering unique and interactive services. David and his team are just the guys to turn your party to the next level {no pun intended} whether its through their unique DJ + live band combo, Union, or their virtual graffiti wall. If you ask us, these guys are the Jack{s} of all trades and come highly recommended among us at Style-Architects. Check out our exclusive Q/A to learn more about Level 11! How did Level11 get started? We got started in 1999 as an interactive entertainment company.  The initial founders were popular club DJs, but wanted a break from the nightly grind of nightclubs.  The mobile DJ market was ripe for change and Level11 entered the market by introducing the Midwest to an East Coast style of entertainment, where our initial founders have roots.  This style involves greater guest interaction and involvement, non-traditional event flows, focus on entertainment throughout the entire event and a passion for details.

What sets Level 11 apart from other entertainment services? One word, experience.  Collectively, our team has immense experience in all aspects of event entertainment.  With experience comes, expertise, focus on clients, troubleshooting and polished professionalism, among others.  The art of DJing is the ability to know what song to play at what time, based on the vibe in the room.  There is no way to practice this, other than by performing at hundreds of events over many years.  You do not want an inexperienced DJ at your wedding.  That is what we bring to the table (along with the fact that we are really nice guys!).

What other unique entertainment services does Level11 provide?

Union.  This is a fusion of live DJs and live musicians.  We were the first entertainment company to bring this to events and it is a huge hit.  The DJ plays the music and a percussionist, keyboardist and sax player play along with the music giving a live band feel to a DJ performance.  If you have never heard this before, it will blow your mind!

Virtual Graffiti Wall.  We are the exclusive provider of the original Virtual Graffiti Wall.  With two sizes, it is perfect for any event – large or small.  You and your friends get a picture taken and it immediately pops up on a screen (10’ screen or 50” TV).  You then use spray cans or markers to “tag” the photo to make it unique.  We have custom stencils and stamps to help the creative juices, or guests can simply draw whatever they feel.  One cool wedding application is to display a photo of the couple and use it as a sign-in board so guests can create their own art!

Lighting.  We have an extensive lighting division that can do anything from simple uplighting to the most intricate lighting design you can imagine.  Lighting is a very popular trend in decorating a space, because it is value priced and can change throughout time.  Lighting has the power to really affect mood as people enter into a space.  With the added flexibility of being able to change light throughout the night, it is a great addition to any event.

What kind of event is perfect for the virtual graffiti wall? The virtual graffiti wall is perfect for any event where you want your guests to have a totally unique, interactive and fun experience.  The interactive piece is key.  With photo booths, there is no interaction:  sit, smile, get picture.  With the virtual graffiti wall, guests interact with each other and let their creative energy explode with art!

How does a venue play a role in lighting design? Every venue is different.  From ceiling height, wall color and texture, space design, ambient light, power, etc.  It is important to design a lighting plan that fits your event, but also fits the space.  For example, certain spaces are not conducive to uplighting at all, but perhaps wall splashes would be better.  Some venues allow lights to be hung from the ceiling, so the light “magically” illuminates the subject without even seeing the fixtures.

How does Level11 customize entertainment services for each event? We start by listening.  That is the most important tool.  We need to understand what the client wants.  Then, we turn their vision into reality!  Every event is different and we treat every client as if they are family.  Also, our clients work through the planning process with the actual DJ for their event – not some random office staff person!

Tell us your secret! How do the DJs encourage guests to participate in the events activities? If we told you that, it would not be a secret, would it!  In all seriousness, it is quite simple.  Focus on your clients and treat them as you want to be treated.  The rest simply follows naturally.  Of course, you need to have our level of experience.

What is the best advice for couples hiring entertainment services? Follow your gut and hire based on the experience of the DJ that will actually be at your event.  If it sounds too good to be true, there is probably a reason.  In the world of entertainment, you get what you pay for.  So don’t shop on price, shop for value.  There is a big difference!