Vendor Feature: Glam Doll Donuts

Cake seems to be the usual choice of dessert at a wedding, but why not think outside the {cake} box to make it more exciting and unexpected for guests? One of our favorite trendy wedding desserts right now: Donuts! Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis makes the tastiest, most unexpected combinations {even for weddings}. Who knew a peanut butter and Sriracha donut could be so amazingly delicious or that cheese works on a donut!  We spoke with Arwyn, one of the owners of Glam Doll, to see what inspires her passion for donuts and how they incorporate them into different weddings + events. You’ll want donuts at your wedding {and every Saturday} too!


Tell us about Glam Doll Donuts.  How did you start and what makes your donuts so incredibly delicious?

Teresa and I created Glam Doll with the strong vision of incorporating all of our favorite things and our biggest passions.  For us, those things are food, fashion, music, arts and anything vintage.  The idea hit us like a mallet to the head; the minute it was a tiny concept, it was a driving force.  Being lovers of food, creating the menu was extremely fun.  We tried to incorporate a comfortable amount of classics that donut lovers would come to expect while still staying focused on daring and delicious combinations that would leave our customers mind blown.  I like to say that what makes our donuts so delicious is that we blow a kiss in each and every one but the truth is, a donut crafted from scratch in all of its elements is a beautiful thing.  From our dough, icings, glazes and toppings, everything is made 100% from scratch.  We source our dairy locally and use only the finest ingredients across the board.  


Have you always had a passion for donuts?  

We have always had an extreme passion for food.  Donuts kind of magically became our vehicle to creating a one of a kind atmosphere where you can not only enjoy delicious hand crafted donuts but also engage further in the culture of the city through art, music and other happenings.


What’s your inspiration behind Glam Doll Donuts and the designs?

We are so lucky to have such an amazingly creative crew at Glam Doll.  We draw inspiration from all of our various interests and passions from travel, to theatre, to fashion, and especially music. Every day, we have an incredible time trying to wow our favorite musicians with personalized donuts at First Avenue.  And once a year, at Soundset, we really go all out.


What drew you towards weddings?

We were extremely excited when we developed our wedding program.  There is nothing we love more than executing a beautiful wedding display.  There is so much fun to be had with flavor options, custom colored icings, customized chocolate artwork, tiers, and flowers; the sky is the limit really.  If you can dream it up, we can make it happen!


What type of couples have Glam Doll Donuts at their wedding?

The Glam Doll Donuts wedding client wants something a little different than the classic dessert displays that have come to be expected at weddings.  Donuts offer so much variety in flavors; your guests can taste multiple pastries without the awkward 2nd slice of cake walk of shame.  


What’s been the favorite flavor in stores? At weddings?  What’s your personal favorite?

The overwhelming favorite in the shop is hands down the Calendar Girl.  Chocolate icing with salted caramel oozing from every bite.  The favorite at weddings is generally the vanilla darling as it offers up many options for customizing.  My favorite is the Pucker Up.  Our light and delicate French cruller topped with 4 beautiful swirls of lemon cream cheese.  


What special flavors, shapes, and kinds of donuts are made especially for weddings?

We like to have fun.  If you bring us the cutter, we will make a donut in any shape you desire!  In terms of flavors, our clients are welcome to mix and match as they please with existing menu elements.  The chocolate iced Femme Fatale has been a popular custom wedding option in the past.  In terms of custom artwork and color pallets, we can really have a lot of fun.  We recently catered a wedding with an 8 tier table display featuring cake donuts and crullers in various pink and cream hues of buttercream.  The donuts seemed to flow on for days and the tiers were trickled with baby’s breath and tiny pink rosebuds.

Are there customizable donuts for events?

We have an artist on staff that can create exact replicas of scanned images by hand.  In the past, this has extended to include anything from initials to spirit animals to details mirroring wedding invites.  

What fun display ideas have you seen for displaying your donuts?  Do you help with creating or setting up displays?

There are so many style options available for display beyond the traditional tier route.  We encourage our clients to exercise as much involvement with the design process as they would like.  We offer a number of tier options however if our client has something specific in mind, we are in the business of making their dreams come true.  Flowers are a big component of a gorgeous table display.  Our clients most often request our white ceramic tier sets or our clear acrylic tall set so as not to interfere with any other specific styling of the event. We always arrange for a portion of the wedding flowers to be set aside for our use in the display.  

What is the experience like for couple who want donuts at their wedding?  Tell us about the tasting!

We first invite you to select a complimentary tasting box filled with all of your favorites.  You just let us know when you’d like to stop by the shop, and it will be waiting for you in all its glory.  Once you’ve had a chance to mull over flavors, you can contact one of our wedding coordinators, and we can begin to fine tune the details of your display.  We work with our clients in whatever manner is most convenient for them.  We have bookings available for sit-downs at the shop Tuesday-Friday.  We often work with clients who do not live in the state and are happy to handle the details via email and/or phone.  Once we land on our flavor palette and establish a rough count, we have a number of design options and tier selections for you to choose from.  We are also incredibly open creatively as to the design of our displays.  If our client has anything specific in mind in the way of aesthetics, we are always happy to accommodate.

Why Glam Doll Donuts? What makes you stand out?

We take a lot of pride in providing a superiorly delicious product with flawlessly beautiful execution.  We aren’t afraid to think outside of the box.  Our client is looking for something different, and we provide them with the experience they are after.  Donuts get ooo’s and ahhh’s; they’re unexpected and fun!