The Sajai Foundation

Childhood obesity? Nature deficit disorder? Not if the Säjai® Foundation can help it. Style-Architects is teaming up with this Minnesota-based, national nonprofit to make a difference in the lives of children. The Säjai® Foundation is passionate about helping kids and is teaching them how to live—and why to value—a healthy life. Founder Barb King was alarmed by the high (and increasing) rates of childhood obesity, coupled with the decrease in time spent outdoors by today’s youth. Not content to just worry, she created the Foundation to develop curriculum used in schools, afterschool and summer camps to give kids the tools they need to begin living healthier lives.

The Foundation’s Wise Kids® programs are based on the concept of Energy Balance, or: Energy In (calories from food and drink) need to be balanced with Energy Out (calories burned through daily living and physical activity). The programs teach kids that this is a lifelong pursuit, and that (barring medical reasons) no food is ever forbidden, but there are definitely some foods that should be eaten more frequently than others. In addition, the Wise Kids Outdoors program takes the Energy Balance concept and uses it to explore the world of nature, as kids go on “outdoor adventure missions” and learn just how much fun and how interesting nature can be.

Together, we are excited to announce a new event taking place on September 24: The Amazing Walk! Not just another 5K, the Amazing Walk! has more in common with the TV show The Amazing Race in that participants will find several challenges along the way, some goofy, all fun. If people prefer to simply walk/run the course, they can do that too—but it’ll be more fun if they take on the challenges too. All ages are welcome, and everyone will enjoy the setting at the North Mississippi Regional Park in Minneapolis, where the trail winds through prairie grasses, massive trees, and right along the river.

The Amazing Walk! will take place from 9-11 a.m. For more information or to register, visit the Foundation’s website,

Written by Amy Rea