Stylish Person: Kayd Roy

Meet graphic designer and Minnesota girl, Kayd Roy! As a graphic designer, Kayd believes that quality is in the simple details. She uses her creativity in a variety of roles ranging from forecasting home trends at Target corporate {not a bad gig!} to bringing you the best in logo and package design, to name a few. When she's not flipping through old sketchbooks for inspiration, she enjoys exploring the next foodie gem or creating a new brew with her hubby. Here is a peek into the life of the lovely and talented Miss Kayd Roy... How would you describe your personal style?

I'm a true Minnesota girl - so there's plenty of flannel and cozy sweaters. I am in love with layering, pockets and scarfs so if an outfit has all three I know it's going to be a great day.

What style tips do you have for us?

Keep it simple. Design should be well thought out and make you smile. Think about the impact a cohesive story can have and pay attention to small details that show you put your heart into it.

What adds pep to your step?

Heading up to the cabin with family and collaborating with friends on projects for the sake of being creative.

How do you spend your free time?

Livin' the dream in an all-too-cute fixer-upper. When there is some free time my husband and I design sweet things, brew great beer and play with our extremely cute puppy.

What is your favorite hangout in the Twin Cities?

I like finding new spots and hidden gems in the City, especially if food is invloved. We live in a fantastic neighborhood where there's lots to do and explore.

What drew you into graphic design?

My parents surrounded me with art projects as a child and my high school had a great art program. Naturally I knew I always wanted to create things and help others experience design.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Whether it's at Target or working on my side projects I love that no day is ever the same. I love the process of a project and seeing it through to completion. I've been able to work on projects that bring happiness into other people's lives and that makes all the struggles worth it.

Where do you turn for inspiration?

There's obviously a million places I go on the web for inspiration but sometimes you have to shut out the social world to have an experience that will change your way of thinking. I recently found all my old sketchbooks from high school and college. Flipping through the pages I've realized how far I've come and rediscovered some ideas that were never flushed out.

What have you learned about yourself and life, thus far?

That everything will be okay.