Styling Your Engagement Shoot

Now that you’ve {hopefully} selected your match-made-in-heaven photographer, it’s time to plan your engagement session. But let’s face it; posing in front of a camera emitting public displays of affection with your fiancé can be a tad awkward.  However, an engagement session is the perfect time to loosen up with your photographer in front of the camera and have fun! This is your first opportunity for you and your fiancé to begin expressing who you are as a couple, and the possibilities are endless! Whether you want to use these photos for your creative and personalized save the dates, your wedding-day guest book, or simply just to have in your home, your engagement photos are just as important as your wedding-day photos as they celebrate the beginning of your life together. Unsure how to plan for these photos? Don’t worry, we’ve asked our team of stylists how to get the engagement photos of your dreams!


Picking the “look” for your engagement photos can be equally as difficult as finding the day-of dress you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. Luckily with Style-Architects, our team of wedding planners has access to our Fashion + Wardrobe stylists as well as our Prop stylists to help couples master the shots they are looking for.  Just as we aim to beautifully brand your wedding from start to finish throughout the planning process, our stylists can help you express your personal style and brand throughout your engagement photos. After all, often times, engagement photos are the first wedding-day elements your guests will see, so it’s important to knock it out of the park and accurately represent your wedding as a whole.


For example, if you are an urban, trendy restaurant-loving, boutique-shopping kind of couple, you may want to consider shooting your photos in your favorite downtown neighborhood, or maybe in a funky warehouse space. Or, if you are an organic, outdoorsy playful couple (like the adorable couple featured in these photos) shooting a retro-inspired picnic shoot is also fun.


It’s important to keep things cohesive by making sure your outfits match the overall “vibe” of the photos. A floral, retro-inspired dress for you and a relaxed chambray for him fit perfectly with this picnic spread.

Pulling in props and other elements such as a retro-inspired bike and suitcases, beautiful baby’s breath, a French baguette and some chilled vino is a great way to help achieve this desired look. Let the photographer master the perfect shots while our stylists watch your every move, ensuring that all elements look in place.

Whether you want a glam, urban, country-chic, or casual feel to your engagement photos, our planners and stylists can help you achieve a flawless engagement shoot for you and your fiancé. After all, you want to look back at your engagement photos in 10 years with that same smile on your face!


Photography: Joe Krummel Photography + Design

Styling: Natalie Johnson, Style-Architects

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