Responsibilities of the Bridesmaids

Being asked to be someone’s bridesmaid is a huge honor. Whether it be you sister or your elementary school bestie, there is something so special about being able to stand next to your girl while she says, “I do.” With that being said, there are a handful of unspoken responsibilities and expectations that come along with this role. Below are 5 ways you should expect to help your bride while leading up to her wedding day, to ensure you are as helpful and supportive as you can be.

1. Be emotionally supportive.

During the months leading up to their big day, most brides are often very overwhelmed with a range of emotions. It’s important that you are there to listen to her rant or to dry her tears, or whatever it is that she may need. If you aren’t in love with the bridesmaid dress or you have contrary opinions on a subject, be a sweetheart and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Photographer:  2nd Truth Photography

Photographer: 2nd Truth Photography

2. Assist in pre-wedding tasks.

Whether it be giving your opinion on linen colors or stuffing invitations, the smallest task can go a long way and it will make her life easier.

Photographer:  Ali Leigh Photography

Photographer: Ali Leigh Photography

3. Help plan and attend pre-wedding events.

The bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and a number of other events are all things you should offer to help with and to try your best to attend.

Photographer:  Half Acre House

Photographer: Half Acre House

4. Be prepared to pay.

Between gifts, expenses and travel, the average women spends nearly $1000 to be in a wedding. If you aren’t prepared to lay out that kind of cash, it is better to kindly decline the invitation than to go along begrudgingly or to put yourself in a tougher financial situation. If you accept, then you accept the expense that goes along with it.

5. Be on-hand and helpful on the wedding day.

Just in case anything goes wrong or the bride needs assistance, make sure to be ready to jump in and help with a variety of tasks throughout the entire wedding day.

Photographer:  Lovely Day Fleur

Photographer: Lovely Day Fleur