Planning Your Wedding in the Digital Age Part 2

If you read our last blog post, you are now a pro at pre-wedding technology. Yay! But, incorporating technology doesn’t stop at the planning stages. Using technology on your wedding day is bound to make it an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests.

First, let's start with the basics. A wedding hashtag is a must! They are a fun way to collect photos and engage your guests during the reception. Pick an easy hashtag for everyone to use, and make sure to include signage so guests don’t misspell it {after a few too many!} Having a wedding hashtag is like having 100 free photographers. They might capture moments your photographer didn’t {queue the selfie stick pics}, or ones you weren’t even aware were happening. This also makes the photos of the night easily accessible if you plan to utilize them or just scroll through and reminisce.

Your wedding hashtag can really come in handy if you want to create a live slideshow or photo wall to feature photos as they are posted. If your only goal is to showcase old photos, then keep it old-school and just use Powerpoint. But if you want to mix the old and the new, you have several options.  Tools such as Eversnap allow you to upload old photos to their website.  Photos taken day-of by guests through the app are intermixed with the old photos and can be projected during the event.  Or, post old photos on Instagram with your hashtag and use a website like Eventstag to create a live slideshow for guest viewing.  If you plan on having a photobooth and want to project these images as well, opt for a company with social media functionality that allows guests to obtain a digital copy they can share on Instagram. Or, some companies have the capability to allow you to project photobooth images directly and instantaneously from their website.  Make sure to pass out cards or list instructions to inform guests on how to share and see photos.  Whether projected on a blank wall or on TV monitors, sharing real-time photos at your wedding is another form of great entertainment and you have instant photographic memories {since your professional photos will likely take six weeks or so!}

Videography is a great way to capture the emotions of the day, but if it’s stuck in a camera, that’s not much of a benefit to overseas or out of town family and friends. If this is you, consider live streaming portions of your wedding and/or reception.  There are some do-it-yourself options as well as professional options. For the DIY brides out there, consider the number of guests you want to reach. If you are just streaming to a couple people who can’t attend, you can have them view the fun on FaceTime or Skype {set your phone or laptop down on a chair during the ceremony}. If you expect a larger audience, then consider Ustream or Livestream. We recommend you let a professional worry about this so you can enjoy your big day.

Of course, you know that amidst all of the night’s documentation through pictures, videos, and tweets, your guests are going to run out of battery long before the night is over. Instead of letting them scavenge and fight over the one outlet across the room, provide a charging station to accommodate popular phone models so the Instagrams don’t have to stop mid-party.  

Sit down with your fiancé and discuss what you want to see {or not see} at your wedding. If you are not comfortable with the excessive use of tech, that is okay! Make sure you talk about this beforehand, so there are no surprises day of. This is your day; don’t be shy to make your expectations clear to your guests! Add plenty of reminders throughout the wedding for when {and how} you would like to incorporate tech. Hopefully these tips will ease your nerves about your planning. If you still need help, consider hiring a planner! We’ve used technology in many different ways and can guide you on how best to incorporate technology into your special day.