Mother of the Bride Attire

Your daughter's wedding day is just as special for you as it is for her. It will be a day you both look back on and cherish forever. So, don't hold back on your wedding day attire and don't let the decision sit on the back burner in lieu of other wedding planning! Of course you don't want to steal any attention from the beautiful bride {and frankly how could you - she's your daughter}, but who says you can't look fabulous as well?


Here's some advice. Stray away from white + ivory {for obvious reasons} but don't limit any possibilities! Bridal shops do offer Mother of the Bride dresses, but don't be afraid to extend your search to a boutique or the formal section of any good department store. One of our favorite MOB options is a classy jumpsuit that is both trendy and flattering. Make sure your attire matches your style as well as the event's formality.