Monthly Musings: The Great Gatsby

If you’re like us and, frankly, the entire rest of the free world, you’ve been counting down to this week for about a year. The long awaited release of The Great Gatsby is finally here! Naturally, with the release of a film with this much clout, we begin to see its influence throughout pop culture. We love the idea, but a flapper dress and a sporty suit are not always appropriate. It is possible to celebrate the 20’s without donning a costume by incorporating little touches here and there. Add glamour to every day life with art deco shapes and rhinestones. Use a retro font for a nod to those dapper times. You can also wear the 20‘s with a wink this spring using a variety of accessories and well placed styling. With these ideas, you’re sure to be the cat’s pajamas! Images: Outfit; Cake; Intvitations; Menswear; PopFizzClink; Runway; Wedding Gown; Flowers