Hot Wedding Trends

About to start planning your dream wedding? Have no idea where to start, what theme to choose, what colors or location, dress and flowers? Here are a few of the hottest wedding trends of the year. Hopefully, you will find the inspiration you were lacking or at least get an idea of the latest bride and groom trends out there.  

Rustic Weddings With A Touch Of Glam

It would seem this year is all about wedding that look natural, rustic, if you will, while keeping a sense of glam with the help of carefully chosen details. If you are willing to give the idea a try, keep in mind you will need to focus on faux fur overlays for the tables and centerpieces that feature branches filled with splendid flowers. Add mismatched dressed for the bridesmaids, but keep the spark on them. Don’t worry about fancy hardos; throw in some loose braids and they should be good to go. Focus on a long veil and pick a lacy dress with many flowers on it. Pick dainty flowers for the crowns of your flower girls and use plenty of branches. Use twinkle lights for the arrangement of your tent, if you are considering adding this rustic element to your wedding and build it as a nice children’s area. You could also opt for a wedding featuring a large band playing live music, candlesticks made of crystal, and waiters wearing white-gloves, for a more sophisticated note. If your head is already spinning thinking about the size of the expenses, look at this website and try your luck at your favorite game of lottery.

Another trending wedding idea is to organize a so-called unplugged wedding. This means your guests will be provided with the message that you would link for them not to use their phones to take pictures and film your event, but rather simply have fun and enjoy the moment.

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