Green Bee Juicery

Exciting news! One of our brides, Mallory, formed Green Bee Juicery, a company that cold-presses juice from fresh local produce! And guess what... their raw, organic juices {especially the 8oz jars} are PERFECT as a wedding favor or to put in a welcome bag!

With all the drinking that often accompanies weddings, what better way to prep your body or to recover from a fabulous night of celebration? The morning of her wedding day, Mallory shared a couple juice growlers with her bridesmaids while they were getting ready to get some rich nutrients into their systems. Turmeric Glow and champagne makes for a tasty {and healthier} mimosa! And if a little recovery is in order, Mallory states their Classic and Watermelon Cooler juices are great for hangovers! 

We are super excited for Mallory and her new adventure and wanted to share the love {because we are all about LOVE!}