Grad Party Recap

June is over which means our special occasions team just wrapped up its graduation party season.  One very fun event was a high school graduation party for a set of twins.  However, this was not your average grad party. How many of you have been to a uniquely branded graduation party equipped with brightly colored linens, swanky lounge furniture for teens to flop on and a gourmet food truck?


The food truck meant the party needed to be in the front of the house, but the home’s sloping front yard and driveway made it difficult to place furniture. Luckily, our special occasions planners knew the perfect solution to adding in lounge furniture on a sloping yard! Lounge cubes, built from staging sections with variable height legs, allowed for comfortable {and level} seating in on the lawn. To avoid the cost of staging, we utilized the beautifully finished garage.  But don’t you worry, we livened it up with draping, florals, and fun, vibrant linens.


We all know a grad party isn’t a grad party without yummy treats, and this was no exception to the rule. This particular celebration featured a gourmet popcorn bar offering delicious and unique flavors such as loaded baked potato {cheddar cheese, bacon and chive} and Fruitopia {which tastes like Fruit Loops!}, a s’mores bar, and gourmet offerings from Fork in the Road food truck.



Guests lounged on the comfy furniture while sipping on specialty cocktails {new grads stuck to the root beer keg} and enjoying pulled chicken tacos with citrus slaw and chipotle mayo, molten meatball sliders stuffed with gouda cheese simmered in truck-made marinara sauce, and pulled pork grilled cheese sandwiches served on texas toast. Is your mouth watering yet? I know ours are!


Guests were also invited to share some of their memories from the party using Eversnap, an application for smart phones that allows people to snap and share photos which are instantly shared via a projected slideshow.  We intermixed photos of the twins growing up with live event shots - what a perfect way for the twins to look back and remember their special night with family and friends {and a great way to get family and friends to actually look at those adorable photos of your kids growing up!}


There are no rules for grad parties.  You don’t have to use school colors and create endless photo boards and memorabilia tables to make it a success. Get creative in how you share photos.  Create an experience for your guests and your kids will move to the top of the class {with their party that is!}