Gourmet S'mores

It’s finally that time of year - the light fall breeze is starting to come with the seemingly endless bright blue skies and sunshine. This perfect autumn weather is something to be celebrated while it lasts, but is also a hectic and busy time for many. The thought of planning a party can make one lethargic, but connecting with friends is still a must. Event planning does not always have to be a strenuous activity, and a perfect relaxed get-together for this time of year is a bonfire-themed party, and what is the first food we think of with bonfires? S’mores! Here are our tips for building your own indoor gourmet desserts: Ingredients - A tasty approach is the organic route: raspberry and chocolate very prairie marshmallows and homemade grahams from Sugar-Sugar. When setting up the table for your get- together, go for white square-shaped plates that create a harmonic rhythm with the square graham crackers that contrast nicely with the white circular candles and marshmallows.

Bring The Outdoors In - Give your s’mores party a natural ambiance with real wood. Find some thin sticks in your backyard or neighborhood park, and place them in a glass vase on the table.  I love juxtaposition of the earthy and crooked sticks with the clear modern vase.

Cozy Ambiance - Don't have a bonfire pit? No problem! Set your dining room table with a picturesque candlescape to toast the marshmallows over, with the same colors varying in size (Just make sure to toast the marshmallows over unscented candles!). Toasting marshmallows over a candlescape will be a fun and memorable touch to your party.

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