Fall In Love With Navy

Navy is the perfect color to play with on your wedding day. Navy suits have been a popular 2016 choice for the men, but why not mix it into your décor as well? This bold neutral isn’t as heavy or formal as black and works well with almost any color to make your color palette perfectly polished. Here are four color combos that we’ve fallen in love with featuring navy which showcase its amazing versatility.

Navy & Green

We love a good seafaring navy and love it even more when accented with green. This organic palette uses shades of green, including {our favorite} sage, and pops of white. The look is fresh and modern.

Navy & Marsala

The deep shades in this palette scream romance. The rich, warm tones of marsala and copper are contrasted by the cool blue creating visual interest and a classic, timeless look.

Navy & Blush

This combination is elegant, fun, and preppy and combines both masculine and feminine colors creating a balance both the bride and groom can accept! The shade of pink creates the mood. Blush works flawlessly for vintage inspired, sophisticated looks and bright pink works well for fun, modern and playful brides. Navy is used as the neutral and the backbone to this color scheme.

Navy & Gold

For those who love gold and metallics, pair them with navy! Whereas black and gold can look gaudy and heavy, this combination is chic and modern. Focus on a deep, matte navy and use metallics as accents. Copper would make a gorgeous addition for added richness to this polished look.

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