Eco-Friendly Weddings

Here at Style-Architects Weddings we are all about "going green" when it comes to weddings {in more ways than one}.  Of course if you are an avid environmentalist, your ideas will go well beyond what we've listed here.  But for the bride not necessarily looking to make a statement but rather to incorporate some simple tips, this blog is for you!  Planning an eco-friendly{er} wedding can be a lot easier than you may think.  From simple things like reusing your decor materials to cutting back on paper products, here are a few eco-friendly ideas to incorporate into your big day!  

Middle image courtesy of Tim Davis at Consolidated Photo

1. Don't let all of your beautiful blooms go to waste once your wedding is over!  Your flowers can be reused in many ways.  Have your guests take them home, donate them to a nursing home for others to enjoy, or even use them for an upcoming event you may have like a birthday party or a baby shower!  Use florals sparingly for a minimalistic look or use house plants such as cacti, fiddle leaf figs, or even a few potted flowers {such as orchids - our fav!} as decor.

2. Your grand ceremony exit is another easy part of your special day where you can utilize eco-friendly alternatives.  Instead of purchasing items that will later be thrown away {such as ribbon wands}, have your guests toss biodegradable alternatives like flower petals, dainty leaves, fresh lavender or birdseed!

3. Wedding favors are another fun way to get creative with going green.  Gift your wedding guests with something a little more lively {and long-lasting} than other gifts such as a plant or a succulent.  For a totally different option, in lieu of wedding favors inform your guests that you plan to donate money to an environmentally focused charity {or any charitable organization for that matter!} on their behalf. 

4. Cutting down on paper is probably one of the easiest ways to "go green" {and cut down on cost} on your wedding day.  Send out e-vites for your save the dates instead of paper.  Get creative with your menus and escort cards as well!  Channel your inner Mother Nature and use leaves, rocks, or geodes as place cards.  As for dinner and drink menus, have one large menu rather than a menu for each guest.  The more creative the better!

5. Finally, create a fun drink station for your guests with cute dispensers rather than having bottled water.  Take it one step further and label your guests' drink glasses so they can reuse them throughout the night!  If you know there will be a lot of empty glass beer bottles or cans by the end of the night, set up a recycling bin to help cut down on waste.