Cheers to the New Year

As you’re shopping for party hats, party favors and wardrobe sequins, don’t forget the most important part of the NYE party: the drinks! As that oh-so-famous midnight ball drop song comes on, make sure to cheers to the New Year with funky and festive drinks that will make your party memorable. Here are our top three suggestions: Think outside the box with the Mandarin Cocktail. This champagne cocktail is simple yet delicious. Get the recipe here.

We love the idea of infused vodka, creating a decorative centerpiece on its own. Try any of these delicious recipes from Prairie Vodka.

Ring in the New Year with the twenties-inspired throwback cocktail, the Brandy Alexander.

With casual drinking sometimes comes the casual hangover, and that is no way to start the New Year! Commence 2012 the right way with The Hungover Cookbook {Trust us, it really works!}