Stylish Person: Kate Arends

Meet Kate Arends, a graphic designer for Design Cue, the creative mind behind the style blog, Wit & Delight and an inspiring tastemaker.  As a young professional in her twenties, it seems as though Kate has done it all.  She has made quite the name for herself in the fashion and design social media world, with over 725,000 Pinterest followers and over 150,000 Wit & Delight visitors each month! Currently, Style-Architects has teamed up with Kate on branding projects for e-commerce retail clients.  She’s thoughtful and sweet, but don’t get the wrong impression, she’s not too soft – she’s got sass and a bit of “bad girl” in her as well.  We caught up with the talented Kate Arends {who looked chic as always, rocking her signature high-top bun} to chat about her style, her passions and her blog. How would you describe your personal style?

I never try too hard when it comes to my style.  If I feel good in something, I wear it.  I’m not very girly, and I’m not a sap.

What style tips do you have for us?

You should have fun with fashion and wear what you want – it doesn’t matter what other people think if you feel good in it.  If you don’t look comfortable in something, you won’t look or feel good in in it.

Are there any fashion trends you are embracing this season?

I believe in trends because I think they're exciting and about living in the present moment, but style is timeless.  Anything can be trendy; it’s about how you interpret it.

What adds pep to your step?

Gangster rap. Oh! And I run. Running is what keeps me normal.  If I’m not running, I’m not myself.  I love traveling and I love new experiences.

What have you learned about yourself and life, thus far?

Having relationships with people outside of work is really important.  You should get outside of your comfort zone in order to really live life to the fullest.  I think you need a variety of interests, experiences and passions to be a well-rounded person.

How do you spend your spare time?

Oh my, what free time? No, I read all the time and I listen to music.

What was the last book you read?

50 Shades of Grey. And before that, The Shape of Design, Steve Jobs Biography and I Was Told There'd be Cake.

How did you get into social media and how did you make it work so well for you?

I started Wit & Delight in late 2009 when I was feeling the need to stay inspired.  I love graphic design, but I’ve always been passionate about fashion. I had something to say and I wanted a platform to say it.