Bridesmaid Dresses They'll Actually Want to Wear Again

Brides have spent decades trying to figure out the solution for choosing a dress that bridesmaids will actually want to wear again. After all, these dresses are a pricey investment for your bridesmaids, so finding one they love is a thoughtful gesture. Today’s trends make it easier than ever to choose a versatile look for your girls to wear. Who says it needs to be a dress purchased through the traditional bridal salon? Pantsuits are becoming more popular and with online shopping you can select from nearly any shop, vastly expanding your options. If you prefer the traditional shop, selecting a limited number of colors and styles (or one with a versatile neckline) within a brand for bridesmaids to select from ensures they will select something they likely will wear again. If that isn’t your style and you prefer a more uniform look, keep the design simple {yet unique!} to ensure happy bridesmaids. Check out some of our favorite options below.