A Chic Halloween Party

During Halloween, party-throwers and party-goers are completely permitted {more accurately, expected!} to show off their creative side. However, you can leave it to the kids this year to have their blood ‘n’ guts themed fun. When it comes to Halloween entertaining, our team prefers simple and classic décor {with an irreverent twist}. One of the best parts of Halloween is tuning into your inner child and having a little fun with the spooky side of the holiday! Steer away from frightening Halloween decorations and keep it simple. Take the route of a classic Hitchcock film: spark the imagination of your guests rather than trying to frighten them, like these delicious desserts from Amy Atlas.

Pay attention every detail that creates a perfect holiday mood so it will be memorable to your guests. Creating that Halloween ambiance is as easy as adding two black eyes to white cupcakes or cakepops that create a ghost {without sacrificing taste!}.

We love this spirited spider cake from Zoë François... festive and delicious! Click here for the recipe!

Play with your food, and be a little ironic! Classic Halloween phrases like “Enter at your own risk,” and “Beware” create a fun and spirited mood. Print off some fun phrases like the pictures below here.