10 Things to Do Right After You Get Engaged

It’s officially been a week since Valentine’s Day and we know there has to be at least a few newly engaged couples out there. Although this has probably been a moment you’ve dreamed about since you were a child, it’s okay to admit that it all may be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you call first? When should you have your date picked out by? Who will photograph the wedding? What about engagement photos? Okay, breathe. Since there is no set guidebook you need to follow, we have put together a list of the first 10 things you should include on your “To-Do” list as a newly engaged woman.

  1. Call your loved ones.

    This may sound obvious, but make sure you call all of those who are special to you including your parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends and college roommates. It means a lot more to people to hear from you rather than through social media.

  2. Get your ring sized.

    If you’re one of the very small minority whose fiancé chose the correct ring size, you can disregard this step. If it’s a little snug or a little loose, take it back to the jeweler to get it resized so it’s the perfect fit for your finger.

  3. Get your ring insured.

    It’s not the most fun or exciting part of your engagement, but getting your ring insured is very important to ensuring the safety of this investment.

  4. Treat yourself to a manicure.

    Considering the only comment you’re most likely going to hear for the next few months is, “Let me see your ring!”, a fresh manicure is a necessity for ladies newly engaged.

  5. Create a rough guest list.

    Before researching any venues or reaching out to any potential spaces, you must have a rough estimate of the size of your wedding. The last thing you’d want to happen is to find your dream space {or even worse, contract a space} with the optimal occupancy at much lower number than your actual guest list. Often the count you want is not the count you end up with!

  6. Figure out your budget.

    Knowing what you have to spend, where the money is going to come from and how it will be spent ensures you can make educated decisions along the way that will keep you in budget.

  7. Dream up your wedding inspiration.

    Whether you do this through a board on Pinterest or pin images to a cork board, make sure and have an idea of what kind of look you are going for. This will help focus your venue and gown shopping.

  8. Research venues then pick a date.

    Most people would think they should pick a date first, but with the limited availability of popular venues, we suggest being as flexible as possible with dates to ensure you get the venue of your dreams.

  9. Think about your wedding party.

    I’m sure this is something you’ve already spent some time thinking about, but discuss with your partner who you’d like your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be and coordinate a number with each other based on that. You know your friends are wondering!

  10. Take time to relax and be happy together.

    Ahh! You are finally going to spend the rest of your life together. It’s crucial to not get too caught up in the stress of wedding planning. Make sure and take time to relax and enjoy the excitement of the engagement. Maybe grab dinner and some drinks at your favorite spot or binge watch your favorite TV show. Whatever it is, enjoy your time together.

Of course, if all this sounds just too overwhelming or you know you need help, give us a call!