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M A L L O R Y  &  I A N

"Thank you for all of the incredible + hard work you did putting together the details for our wedding and executing them so well. We had such a special and meaningful day and so much of that is thanks to your work. By the time our wedding came, we didn't have to stress over any of the details and was able to truly enjoy the day." 

M A R Y   B E T H

Words cannot express how thankful we are to have hired Rachelle & her team to help us with our daughters wedding. She helped turn our vision into a beautifully stunning reality. With Rachelle's organized guidance, we were actually able to enjoy the planning process. She listened to our ideas, and found the appropriate vendors. Her input, experience, & creativity added many touches to our special day. The wedding day went off flawlessly, and we were able to enjoy ourselves. We frankly can't imagine pulling off our wedding without Rachelle's help. Her friendship & positive attitude were a happy bonus to her service! 

m a r g a r e t

Oh my. You are UNBELIEVABLE!!!  From my intial days of planning Annie's wedding -when I thought "planner... do I need a planner?" - to this weekend.. when I knew this wedding would've have never happened without you (because I would be totally crazy)... wow.   I really don't know how to thank you.  You were so helpful leading up to the wedding with your suggestions and thoughts and yes -prodding- to get me to do things.  And you were just plain terrific the week of and the actual day.  Believe me - it was a memorable, beautiful, and a "so much fun" wedding according to the many accolades.  I'm not sure how you do it.  But I am sooo appreciative.

B A I L E Y   J A N E

"You expertly navigated the many logistics so that we could enjoy our day to the absolute fullest! You took my hodgepodge of brought decor and made spaces that were serene and elegant! Thank you for your amazing vision and hard work to make our wedding day something we get to look back on again + again as a perfect representation of us!"

M E G H A N  &  D A V E

"Thank you so much for all the work you did to help make our wedding day run so smoothly. With Jen at the ceremony and Sophie taking the lead at the reception, we were able to enjoy the day and know the details were in great hands. Thank you for your guidance and support."


"You are exceptional! You are both right and left-brained with a caring heart; an amazingly rare and admirable combination! Your attention to detail and creativity resulted in the perfect celebration for Mary and Nick."

M A D D I E  &  B E N

"You have made this process so much fun for us. It feels like we started with a wedding planner + finished with a friend. It is clear you take so much pride in your work. We are amazed with your enthusiasm for everything you do."


"We really couldn't have done it without you!  Although I may be organized, there were definitely things I hadn't thought of/wasn't aware of and without your attention to detail and experience doing many weddings, the day wouldn't have gone as well as it did." 

A N N E  &  A L B E R T O

"Thank you very much for helping us with our wedding!  You were truly so wonderful and really took away all the stress for that day.  Thank you for helping us enjoy the day and helping us create our vision to make it beautiful & memorable to all.


"I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you planning our wedding. I felt so at ease with the entire process. Within 24 hour of hiring you I had a sense of calm - such a load off my mind especially since we started only 2.5 months out and threw in a heavy work travel schedule! You did such an amazing job incorporating the inspiration ideas we hoped to include while filling in all the detail to keep the look cohesive throughout + at the same time maintaining the unique flair of the venue. I can't sing your praises enough!!"

B R I G I T T E  &  S C O T T

"You are a legend. The entire wedding couldn't stop talking about how amazing you are, how beautiful the wedding was and how grateful we are to you for about a million things, big and small. You made our wedding perfect!"


“I can’t help but smile as I reflect on the most incredible day of my life. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work and for making it absolutely perfect. You were incredible to work with and I’m so grateful for you.”

L A W A Y N E  &  G E O R G E

"We cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your work and help making Ashley and Patrick's wedding the best ever! You made everything go so smoothly and worry-free for us."


"I’m still getting compliments on the wedding!! It was absolutely spectacular and better than I could ever have imagined."

K A T I E  &  E R I C H

"Thank you for keeping me on track and for helping me design + execute the wedding of my dreams. I have no idea what I would have done without your help. We loved how everything worked out!"


"I truly, TRULY want to say - with my entire heart- THANK YOU. I am blown away by everything that you and your team did {but especially you, Rachelle} to make our day incredible."

 P A U L A  &  J E F F

"We want to express our appreciation for your expertise and skill in making sure that Kaylee + Ryan's wedding was not only beautiful but worry free for all of us. People have been raving about it ever since."


"Rachelle and her team are quite frankly the best in the business. I first heard of Style Architects when perusing the Mpls-St Paul Magazine diamond award winners, and hiring them was the best decision I made during planning. My vision was brought to life in a way I didn't know possible. Rachelle thought of every detail, including many things I would have accidentally overlooked. She has personal connections with countless vendors and will help you find exactly what you need. The entire process from start to finish was so well organized and perfectly planned. The day of my wedding was truly amazing, everything went so smoothly thanks to Rachelle and our families could enjoy themselves without worrying about a thing."

H A Y L E Y  &  L U K E

"Your hard work, enthusiasm and professional excellence is off-the-charts awesome! Our deepest appreciation for all you have done to make our celebration a success! Thank you!"

G A B I  &  N A T E

Where do I even start... You have been amazing. I could not imagine planning my special day without you! Thank you!

 S U S A N

"What a marvelous wedding we had. I can't thank you enough. Kelsey and I agreed that not one thing went wrong. We were all so pleased. You worked so hard. Thank you for making this wedding all we hoped it would be."

 A S H L E Y  &  P A T R I C K

"We wanted to thank you SO much for making our wedding absolutely AMAZING! When I pictured my perfect day - the actual wedding was even better, and it's mostly thanks to you. You really were great and creating my vision and making sure everything went so smoothly. I can never thank you enough!"